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  • David Macchia

Are You a Constrained Investor?

This is something you really need to figure out.

Not all investors are the same. That seems obvious, but in reality, the financial services industry "segments" investors according to how much savings they've accumulated. In this way of thinking, every investor with $1,000,000 is similar.

But hold on. Suppose one of these investors needs to generate only $20,000 in retirement income from his savings, while another is looking for $50,000? These investors are not at all the same. One is subject to far more risk than the other. One is an "overfunded" investor, while the other is a Constrained Investor.

The Constrained Investor

“Constrained Investors need to manage risks that can ruin their retirement security.”

Constrained Investors reach retirement with savings- that's great- but the amount of savings they've accumulated isn't high compared to the income they wish to generate. What's does this mean in practice? It means Constrained Investors must be cautious in how they invest their savings. These folks are really why I developed The Income for Life Model. There are millions of Constrained Investors. You may be one.

Watch the Constrained Investor

Invest 5-minutes to learn more about Constrained Investors. Just click the Constrained Investor tab at my Lucky Retiree website. Watch "Are You a Constrained Investor?"

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